People don’t need to be managed, they need to be unleashed

I don’t know who Richard Florida is, but what he said in 2002 is very close to what I was doing in 2003. 
I was working for a promising startup (till date my best job), and got to a leadership position very early in my career. I had no management experience or degree at that time, my biggest asset was my Manager and CEO’s trust. My guiding principals when I was engaging with my team members:
a) If I were them, what would I be expecting (or not expecting)
b) Remembering the goods when people interacted with me (and repeat them)
c) Remembering the not so goods when people interacted with me (and not repeat them)
While reading this chapter, one particular day flashed in front of my eyes. I was on a client visit to Gurgaon and took one of my leads with me. He was with me in front of the customers whole day, understanding their needs, and understanding the pressure on us to deliver those needs.
On the way back, While driving we discussed the design and implementation of a key requirement in the car. One thing I was really proud in those days was the bandwidth at which we communicated in that organization. We could discuss design /implementations/debug issues endlessly without code in front of us.
I dropped my lead at office and left for home.
I reached office around 9:30am next day. When I checked my email – The one that stood out arrived at 3am. Manish – The work we discussed yesterday is done and checked in. I will be a little late to work.
Still proud of my team mates in that organization. Had to leave the fantastic team and the fantastic organization because of financial reasons (the startup was not funded and my first kid was turning 1 year) after spending 3.5 years with them. But my team from then and the product we built are among the top examples and discussion points even today.
The organization is a huge success today and I am really happy for all my friends who could hang on.
I started reading this decade old book yesterday, seems really relevant for Leaders whose leadership career started in previous decade.

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