Catan Board Game – Recommended buy

Our kids turn 14 and 9 next month. In last 14 years we have procured numerous games for them. Catan clearly is the best one till date.


I would recommend adding this to your collection if you have a kid or two around 8 yrs+.

If you don’t understand fully what I am talking about in this post or why of it, I would recommend watching this video from Simon Sinek:

My reasons for the recommendation for the game:

  • One of my goals for the year was to spend quality time with my family, something I have wanting to for several years, but not able to for multiple reasons. One being finding a common topic among 4 people with diverse interests. Catan serves the purpose! All 4 of us love the game. It allows for quality 1-2 hrs family time laughing and playing together without any role of internet and electronics.
  • I’ll admit, today we played three rounds spending about 5 hours together.
  • For kids of current generation who have a very small attention span and get distracted easily, this game has been surviving for last several months atleast for now 😌
  • Catan is satisfying to play. As a game best played with a poker face and a good set of bluffing skills, it rewards long-term foresight and strategies more than rushed or brute-forced game play techniques.
  • It is not luck based, though we use a pair of dice. Skills and evolution are very important
  • Just like chess, it involves guessing your opponent’s next move
  • It inculcates some must have capitalist skills like smart trading, knowing your resources, knowing what resources you lack and how to still obtain them in the kids
  • It clearly convinces the players that a not so good beginning or not getting initial opportunities is not the end of the road, you can bounce back.
  • Occasional “dead” turns: Sometimes a player’s turn consists of rolling the dice and nothing else, because they didn’t get any resources since their last turn. Teaches a very important concept – dealing with disappointment
  • Winning after a series of losses over several days leads to jubilation. A feeling very important for today’s generation to deal with.
The kids don’t realize what is going on, but it is of a great help to me and my wife as parents!
Happy parenting.
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