People that surround us

Saw this on FB today, did not find the author or book name to acknowledge, but well said! I will add the name of book and author if I find out to acknowledge copyright.

Experiment to boost productivity

This weekend I finally decided to delete Facebook app from my cellphone. Basically, I wanted to save the time I was spending reading content from people’s wall and all the suggested readings.This is in continuation to my previous resolution where I stopped watching news channels.No withdrawal symptoms till now 😀.Edit (25-Mar): Besides few auth discomforts,... Continue Reading →

Different Workout today, perfect holiday

Took a planned time off today to recover from a hectic work schedule last few weeks. Squash court was under maintenance, was feeling bored in gym. Weather was fantastic, so went for an outdoor run.Explored some trails near my home for the first time, hardly any roads. Fantastic experience, something probably close to hill running.I... Continue Reading →

Another 10K run, sub 70 mins this time

Hyderabad Central University is my favorite running destination with it's greenery, scenery and its ability to remind me of good old college and hostel days! 😃This run was after an injury layoff in Jan and a really slow 10K a week earlier. Finished 10K in less than 70 mins after some time and really enjoyed... Continue Reading →

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