Interesting Rule: 90-60-30

About 6 months back I deleted facebook from my phone and also made it a habit to close Facebook on my browser on my desktop before ending a session. The two changes made a lot of difference in terms of time available for learning and other meaningful stuff. I had to later reinstall FB on... Continue Reading →

Personalized Bookmarks for Inspiration

Somehow never liked the commercial paper bookmarks and the free ones from flipkart and amazon always failed to inspire. This project and the idea was on my mind for some time, finally executed in today.Total 12 double sided laminated bookmarks. Look really cool and inspiring. Infact my kids want to create few for them now... Continue Reading →

Experiment to boost productivity

This weekend I finally decided to delete Facebook app from my cellphone. Basically, I wanted to save the time I was spending reading content from people’s wall and all the suggested readings.This is in continuation to my previous resolution where I stopped watching news channels.No withdrawal symptoms till now 😀.Edit (25-Mar): Besides few auth discomforts,... Continue Reading →

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