It’s ok to make a genuine mistake

Leaders and Managers today are under lot of unprecedented pressure. In an evolving world, in many organizations and business groups, the appetite for failures driven by genuine mistakes are increasingly become unpardonable. This situation may lead to many mindset changes:a) With low appetite to fail or make a mistake, the workforce may become defensiveb) Loyal... Continue Reading →

Personalized Bookmarks for Inspiration

Somehow never liked the commercial paper bookmarks and the free ones from flipkart and amazon always failed to inspire. This project and the idea was on my mind for some time, finally executed in today.Total 12 double sided laminated bookmarks. Look really cool and inspiring. Infact my kids want to create few for them now... Continue Reading →

Accountability Rocks!

Love reading Simon's books, quotes and watching his videos.Would just make a small but important addition: Supplement accountability with required level of authority.

People that surround us

Saw this on FB today, did not find the author or book name to acknowledge, but well said! I will add the name of book and author if I find out to acknowledge copyright.

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