Best Natural Doctors

Sunshine in the morning - Vitamin D Clean, Alkaline water - Body is made of water Rest - Physical as well as mental Exercise - Atleast 3-4 times a week, break no longer then 3 days except when sick Diet - Natural, junk free diet (Ok, Junk allowed on 1 day in a week as... Continue Reading →

Interesting Rule: 90-60-30

About 6 months back I deleted facebook from my phone and also made it a habit to close Facebook on my browser on my desktop before ending a session. The two changes made a lot of difference in terms of time available for learning and other meaningful stuff. I had to later reinstall FB on... Continue Reading →

Continuous Improvement vs Delayed Perfection

Bang on! Realized and accepted the message several years back. Today and I am one of the biggest fans of Continuous Improvement philosophy over perfection that takes forever. This thought is in line with the law of diminishing returns and in no way indicates delivering lesser then acceptable quality.

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